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House: Internal Committees

The House consists of elected delegates for each internal Congressional Committee. There are seven BSG Congressional Committees: Student Advocacy, Academic Affairs, Community Affairs, Diversity, Organizational Review Board, Sustainability, and the Public Relations Board. Membership of Congressional Committees is made up of both Class Senators and House Delegates.

Academic Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to handle issues related to faculty, classes, scheduling, curricula, student-professor relationships and other academically related topics.

Chair: Sarah Hanlon (

Senators: Nick DeMarchis, Maeve Snover

House Representatives: Giuliana Ferrara, Olivia Martin, Michelle Vovsha

Advocacy Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to cover the evaluation, assessment and improvement of every aspect of student life that is not academically related.

Chair: Taylor Armstrong (

Senators: Anthony Warnick, Jack Wieboldt, Max Wechsler, Nabeel Jan

House Representatives: Morgan Levy, Virginia Vincent, Cate Plepler, Alli Howell

Community Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to strengthen relationships between the students and the Lewisburg community, thereby improving overall town-gown relations.

Chair: April Hurlock (

Senators: Maddie MacKay, Paul Bower, Isa Segura-Suarez

House Representatives: Carlos Gonzalez, Vivian Kuang, Luke Derr

Diversity Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to unite members of Bucknell’s diverse communities and BSG to create a forum charged with identifying key diversity related needs on campus. The committee will further the Plan for Bucknell’s pledge to enhance diversity in all its forms through the co-sponsorship of programs and initiatives that will raise awareness for the various elements that exist on campus which make us diverse.

Chair: Ricky Rodriguez (

Senators: Michelle Gonzalez, Walid Abdallah, Olivia Dey, Ellie Lowe

House Representatives:Gabby Segura-Suarez


Organizational Review Board 

The purpose of this committee is to act as the liaison between student organizations and BSG. This committee oversees the recognition and budget appointment of all student organizations and works for the betterment and efficiency of all student organizations.

Chair: Sam Godshall (

Senators: Sam Douds, Victoria Loffredo, Lucia Singer, Lexi Hall

House Representatives: Amanda Mangano, Dominic Piazza, Mike Krajiniczyn

Sustainability Committee

The purpose of this committee is to promote sustainability efforts on campus. This may be related, but is not limited, to the promotion of: ecological health of campus and surrounding communities, fair and equitable societies, and responsible management of financial resources.

Chair: Maggie Zipfel (

Senators: Ben Fink, Juliette Chandler, Brendan Baganski

House Representatives: Clara Chaplin

The Public Relations Board

The purpose of this committee is to act as the informational link between BSG and the student body as well as handling public relations, advertising, and forming partnerships with other organizations and departments on campus to promote student engagement.  The VP Admin and the VP of each class sit on the PR Board.

Chair: Ally Riuli (

Class VP’s: Maddy Mallory (2022), Katie Laskosky (2023), Jake de Luca (2024), Gabby Diaz (2025)