Election and Campaign Guidelines


  1. Campaigning can officially begin once the Election Guidelines meeting is over.
    1. The Election Guidelines meeting must occur at least one week prior to the election and must be organized by the Vice President of Operations.
    2. This meeting is mandatory unless a valid excuse is submitted to the Vice President of Operations at least 24 hours before the meeting.
  2. Campaign budgets are limited to $50.00. Receipts for each expenditure must be kept and each candidate must submit these to the VP of Operations’ mailbox or BSG Office by 5PM on the day before elections. This is your own money—You will not be reimbursed.
  3. All photocopying must be done through the Office of Publications, Print, and Mail (located in the basement of Marts Hall). University or personal printers or any other copiers or printers, on or off campus, are not to be used for campaign copying under any circumstances.
    1. Prior to printing, all fliers, posters, and videos must be approved by the BSG VP of
  4. 4. Fliers (11”x17”, 8.5” x 11” or smaller) may only be placed in the locations listed below.
    1. The student org. bulletin board wall in the ELC.
    2. Bulletin boards in Residence Halls, Gateways, Bucknell West, Special Interest Houses, and Fraternities.
    3. The fliers may not be on a hallway exit door or any window, anywhere inside a restroom or a restroom door. Fliers cannot be hung on the wall space surrounding a bulletin board. Fliers may also not be hung in the outer doors, windows, or exterior of any University or non University building.
    4. Fliers may not be left in the Student Space. Fliers may only be personally handed out from person to person (they may not be left on tables, chairs, etc).
  5. Fliers may not be hung on students’ doors or inside their rooms unless the candidate has the permission of the residents. Under no circumstances may fliers be put underneath students’ doors.
  6. In ALL areas of the university fliers may not be placed over previously posted fliers. Any candidate caught displaying inappropriate posters, removing or destroying another person’s fliers may be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action and may be removed from the election.
  7. No mailbox stuffing or mass emails will be permitted. There shall be no letters via campus mail or students@bucknell.edu. You may not use class (junior@bucknell.edu), organization or academic list serves regarding your candidacy and/or the election during the campaigning period.
  8. There is no chalk talk allowed anywhere on campus regarding your candidacy.
  9. No tables will be pre-reserved by BSG. Candidates are forbidden to reserve their own tables. This includes, but is not limited to, tables in the LC, Bostwick Café, Bison Café, Terrace Room, Bertrand Library, KLARC, 7th Street Café, or any other dining venues on campus).
  10. You may create and invite students to a Facebook (or any social media) group; however, you may not message the people who have joined. The BSG crest, University word mark, or any copyright images may not be used in any publication or social media site.


Appeals Process

  1. Every candidate found in violation of these rules has the right to appeal.
    1. An appeals committee consisting of the BSG President, BSG Vice President of Operations, the Internal Committee Chair (unless the Internal Committee Chair has a identifiable conflict of interest as a competitor in the election with the candidate in question), and a member of the Internal Committee appointed by the Internal Committee Chair.
    2. This appeals committee will review the case in a meeting scheduled before the election occurs.
    3. This committee has final discretion in determining a candidate’s ability to continue in the election. All decisions made by this committee are final and cannot be appealed.

If you have ANY questions concerning these campaign regulations or concerning a regulation not covered here, please contact the BSG VP of Operations at BSG.VPOperations@bucknell.edu. Periodic checks by the Vice President of Operations and the Internal Committee will be made to ensure that election guidelines are being followed. When in doubt, ask! It is our responsibility that these elections run fairly and smoothly. If you have any problems, please contact the Vice-President of Operations!


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